Twitter Trending Hashtag: International Women Day

Warning this post contains nudity, but it’s as classy and artistic as a classical Greek sculpture and not at all like a trashy pornography magazine. So, in no way should it be construed as pornography by Wordpress, or by the wonderful college professor who will be grading this.  

March 8th was International Women Day. It was one of the top trending topics on twitter. That’s how I found out that there was such a thing as International Women Day.

I consider myself to be a feminist. Although, I’m apparently not a very good one. But I was encouraged to become better by some of the inspirational tweets I’ve read celebrating International Women Day.

That is how I’ve always viewed feminism. So, I totally agree with that sentiment. Although, I disagree with the spelling.

And that is from a Member of Parliament in Great Britain, a nation known for having a culture as reserved and inhibited as its soccer games are rowdy. I’m down with this MP.


Maya Angelou, a supreme celebration on any day. She was a phenomenal women, an inspiration to all women, people of color, and people without pigmentation too.

She was an incredible person and an amazing artist whose resilience will be admired for generations to come.

I had never heard of Margaret Hamilton before, and after reading about her for only a few minutes, I find it shameful that she isn’t featured more prominently in our history books. Her contributions to the moon landing seem impossible to overstate.

And I agree that abolishing stereotypes and striving for equality are aspirations worth accomplishing in our lifetime, even if small minded sexists make it difficult.

Well, Margaret Hamilton is definitely one of the best software engineers to have ever written code. And I do think that women are amazing, and that their accomplishments in many fields have unfortunately gone unrecognized.

However, I have no idea what this tweet is referring to by IT. Is it a sexual innuendo, a double entendre such as writers do it sitting down, or archeologists do it in the dirt? If so, then I agree with it.


These women are beautiful. And I support their fundamental right to take sexy pictures of themselves and put them up on the internet for everyone to see.

Although, I think they should work on their grammar. And some people might point out a disparity between their tweet and the one about abolishing stereotypes. But not me. I wouldn’t do that.


Okay then. Thoughts? And I’m not asking about that badass baseboard with the natural woodgrain.


what do you think?

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