Controversy Caused by Kim Kardashian’s Sexy Selfie

For those of you who have spent the last week living under a large rock in an isolated forest far away from a television, the internet, or even broadband radio, let me catch you up on something of significant importance which occurred in the surreal world of social media and has been a topic of discussion for almost every media outlet on the planet; Kim Kardashian posted a nude selfie on twitter, and people lost their freaking minds.

There have been a wide variety of responses to Kim’s nude selfie. Some people view it as a form of female empowerment, a celebration of the female form, and an achievement for the feminist movement. Other people view it as the total opposite, something which encourages the objectification of women, reduces the role of a female to that of a sexualized commodity, and has done damage to the feminist movement.

Many people have commented on the tweet. Some have used memes, such as



Several women gave direct criticism to Kim, such as –

As if a beautiful women who has become famous for her sex appeal should suddenly hide her sexuality once she has a child. And –

I guess that the old white woman who tweeted this shouldn’t be judged for her statement by today’s standards, since she came of age in an era when a women’s body was considered to be the legal property of her husband. Let’s not forget, the US did not consider a husband forcefully raping his wife to be illegal until 1979.

Twitter trolls did what twitter trolls do, and spewed forth venomous vitriol. Many of their comments were racist, sexist, agist, and other types of ists that I had never even seen before. I was shocked to see how many people criticized her for being a “hoe” or “slut” and posted sexually explicit still frames from her sex tape.

I still don’t understand using images from her sex tape as way of criticizing her nudity. If you disagree with it, why post pictures of it? Or is it just an attempt to shame a women for showing off her body?

As one person accurately pointed out –

Another person seemed as confused by the criticism as I was –

Several people were inspired by Kim’s nude selfie. Some even posted nude selfies of their own to show their support, including celebrities, male and female, such as Sharon Osbourne, Ellen DeGeneres, Emily Ratajkowski, Courtney Stodden, Glozell Green, Nathan Henry, Danny Tamberelli, and whoever the hell this guy is –


A few late night TV shows discussed the controversy surrounding Kim’s selfie in a thoughtful and hilarious way, including The Daily Show and The Nightly Show.

An artist in Australia was inspired to paint a large mural of Kim’s nude selfie on the side of a building.


(Image Source: LUSH, Dean Sunshine)

Unfortunately, this is what some asshole did to it –


When will society stop shaming women for their sexuality?


One thought on “Controversy Caused by Kim Kardashian’s Sexy Selfie

  1. Josh, I think its a little hypocritical for someone to post this video because they think negatively of the selfe. Like you said if they dissaprove of it while post it? Because at the end of the day, most people that actually take the time to watch the sex tape are people that get excited about watching these nude-type videos, and then they’ll forward the video to their friends who enjoy watching sex tapes/pornography. The people who disprove aren’t likely to watch the video in my opinion, or if they do just a glimpse of it to satisfy their distaste, because they don’t approve of it. But the problem with trying to get the message out there by posting a video publicly on the Internet, is inevitably it gets watched by people that dig, it who then pass it on to their friends, and it becomes so popular that someone like Kim will be highly encouraged to post another one. So it hurts the cause for change, not helping it. It be better to post a comment about the distaste of Kim’s actions without putting the actual video in there. That might help stop these videos from being created.


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