Bernie or Bust?

According to a recent McClatchy-Marist poll, 25% of Bernie Sander’s supporters would refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton if she becomes the Democratic nominee. This seems insane since there are so many similarities between the political philosophy of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and such a stark difference between the Democrats and Republicans.

There is even an online petition called Revolt Against Plutocracy which has gained over 70,000 signatures from people pledging to vote for the Green Party candidate if Hillary Clinton becomes the Democratic nominee. Is this some sort of political death pact?

While I would like to see more legitimacy given to third party candidates, I am afraid that this election is far too important to split the Democratic vote. I believe that Bernie Sanders would be a better president than Hillary Clinton, but I also believe that either one of them would be a far better option than anyone running on the Republican side.

Ralph Nader was widely condemned for splitting the Democratic vote during the election of 2000 which gave George Bush the presidency even though Al Gore had won the popular vote. Damn electoral college.

I don’t think that the criticism Ralph Nader received in the aftermath of the election was fair. But it is a fact that if the votes which went to Nader had gone to Gore instead, then Gore would have won the presidency.

I can understand the feeling of disillusionment which can occur when the candidate you prefer is not chosen as the nominee. But to refuse to vote for the person who is chosen even though they share many of the same political views simply because they weren’t the one you wanted is childish.

I can also understand the feeling of frustration at the political establishment and the desire to see a candidate nominated who would fight to change the system. That’s part of the reason why I supported Barack Obama in 2008.

I was disappointed by some of the policy positions he has taken over the years. But I supported him again in 2012 because he it was a choice between him and Mitt Romney.

Even though I didn’t agree with everything Barack Obama had done, I still thought he was the better option.

If Clinton is the nominee. I would vote for her because she would be the better option.

And I like Bernie Sanders far more than I like Hillary Clinton. But if he is not on the ballot, than he is not on the ballot.

I think that the country has a political system which is based upon compromise. A system of checks and balances keeps our government functioning properly, when it’s functioning.

Politics have become so dysfunctional because politicians no longer compromise with one another. And they don’t do it because they know that if they did, it would cause them to lose elections.

One of the most effective criticisms of Chris Christie during the early days of election season was the photo of him hugging president Obama. It happened during Obama’s visit to the Jersey shore after hurricane Sandy.

The man hugged the president in the aftermath of a natural disaster and it was viewed by members of the Republican party as treason. It basically capsized his campaign.

The Republican Party seems to have been slowly splintering apart ever since the Tea Party surge of 2010 when a freshmen class of ideologically driven and uncompromising congressmen came to the capital.

In some ways you could trace the origins of Donald Trump’s campaign back to the start of the Tea Party. In some ways you could trace it back even further.

Now there is a segment of the Republican Party who wants to prevent Donald Trump from receiving their nomination. They think that he is dangerous.

If members of his own party think he is dangerous, he probably is. So let’s hold it together Democrats, now isn’t the time to turn into the Tea Party.




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