Welcome to the Surreal World!

giantgrandpaHorace Walpole famously wrote that “The world is a comedy to those who think; a tragedy to those who feel.” But the world we live in has become surreal.

The social lives of millennials have been relocated to the virtual realm where even important events are instantly interpreted as tragedy/comedy and infused with memes, viral videos, and God-awful GIFs.

Our culture has embraced the self imposed control+shift to living our entire lives online where we all have the freedom of being oppressed by twitter twats.

My name is Joshua Stoughton. Among other things, I’ve created this blog to comment on the rapidly changing rules of social interaction among the ever shifting landscape of social media.

I’m currently working on a bachelors degree in English with a focus in writing and rhetoric from Florida Atlantic University. My online commentary will be about everything from politics to penis jokes so be prepared.

Steve Allen said that, “Comedy is tragedy plus time.” But in the surreal world of twitter trending hashtags and live streaming video, does anyone take their time anymore?

Almost everyone has a phone which is smarter than they are. So why would they wait when everything is available right then and there at their fingertips?

I’ve limited my paragraph structure to a maximum of two sentences each since the modern attention span is shorter than… Oh who am I kidding, you have already stopped reading this post about three short paragraphs in.

If, against all odds, you are one of the few people out there who are actually reading all the way to the bottom of this post. I would like to say thank you, welcome to the surreal world, and what the hell is wrong with you?